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Oklahoma City Thunder Mobile Ticketing
Season Ticket Holder Communications for 2013

The Thunder’s operations team was excited to introduce mobile ticketing for the upcoming season and needed ticket holders to select their preferred ticket delivery preference. DME Studios developed a short multimedia presentation that explained the benefits of mobile ticketing that was displayed on a mobile-friendly (fully responsive) website. To capture their ticket delivery preference, a personalized website unique to each ticket holder allowed for a quick and easy selection process without the need to ask for additional contact information or account numbers, thus increasing their total responses. The campaign performed so well that the Thunder received a 19% response rate through the website within the first 8 hours of the campaign deployment.

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Voice of One Team
Season Ticket Renewal Campaign

DME Studios developed a personalized renewal website for season ticket holders to quickly renew for the 2012-13 season. This website featured a video, produced by DME Studios, that highlighted the Thunder’s impact on fans and the community. This heartfelt video was the perfect introduction to the renewal process and ticket holders were also given the option to download and save a personalized photo of their name on a Thunder jersey or their name on the jumbotron in the Thunder stadium. Ticket holders were directed to their personalized renewal site via direct mail and email communications, designed by DME Studios.

Download the Complete Thunder NBA Lockout Case Study
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Renewal website


Game Credit Options
Season Ticket Holder Communications

DME Studios developed a concise multimedia presentation that addressed the main concerns of ticket holders during the NBA lockout; losing their seat location and paying for games that were never played. The short video was featured on a personalized website (PURL) whereticket holders could continue through the site to make their game credit selection. Selections were stored in a database and assigned account representatives were notified when the PURL was visited and when a selection was made. If no action was taken, additional e-mail notifications were sent to the ticket holder. The selection process was designed to be simple and easy to understand in order to limit the amount of involvement by the account representatives and replace any paper communications.

The campaign received the highest response rate in the industry, in which 95% of season ticket holders completed their selection online through the PURL. Overall, the Thunder’s operations team was able to reduce the number of service calls and completely eliminate print and postage costs for their season ticket holder communications.

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Lockout website

Personalized Fan Photo
Season Ticket Communications

To encourage the continued support of the Thunder, DME Studios designed, printed and mailed a personalized photo to each season ticket holder with a personalized letter from the VP of Ticket Sales.

Personalized photo

Personalized letters